Our family has grown produce in greenhouses for people to enjoy since 1927! Both of my grandfathers raised greenhouse vegetables in Holland and we've continued their tradition for over five decades here on the beautiful central coast of California.

We blend the best of nature and nurture in a naturally rich environment to produce our certified organic, wholesome Living Butter Lettuce and Living Watercress. We believe they're the finest of their kind and hope you'll agree. They are delicious and extra fresh, because we leave the roots attached, so our produce is still alive!

After weeks of loving care here in California, we hand our Living Butter Lettuce and Watercress over to you for the most important step; harvesting! That's right, when you're ready to eat our produce, simply cut off the roots, wash the leaves thoroughly, and enjoy the freshest, most delicious organic leafy greens ever.

You'll find our Grower Pete’s® Living Butter Lettuce, packaged in our unique mini-greenhouse clamshell and bagged Living Watercress in your grocer's refrigerated organic produce section.

Be sure to lettuce know how you like our family's fresh, organic produce and please share your favorite recipes using Grower Pete's®Thanks again,
Pete & Family
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